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Investment Platform

Massa & Associates Real Estate Investment Platform

Real estate investing has historically proven to be a reliable source of creating wealth and financial freedom. One of the greatest joys of our business is helping our clients build wealth through real estate.

Whether you’re just looking to start your real estate portfolio or seasoned Real Estate Investor, everyone’s goals and appetite is different.

Over the years of my career I have facilitated many successful real estate investments and through experience found the opportunities, as well as identified the challenges. What I have found is that many people never even start, or do not pursue their full dream of investing for two reasons: they don’t have the information they need to have the confidence in getting started, or they don’t have the access to the type of platforms or opportunities they need to be successful.

This is exactly why we have created the Massa & Associates Investment Platform… To help you identify the opportunities, connect you with the resources, and facilitate the execution of the plan to make your vision come to reality.


Here is what the platform offers.


No matter what your investment goals are, we can help you find it, fund it, and facilitate the process faster, with much less stress and energy, all while in the hands of a professional, experienced team providing the highest level of service known to our industry.

I know you have questions, and YES we can help. Click below today to set up a time we can meet and discuss your individual goals. Opportunity doesn’t wait around, so neither should you.






Multifamily Apartment Investing – Wholly Owned or Syndication

  • Trade Up and Consolidate your SFR investments into a more hand off, higher performing investment with small to large Multifamily Apartment Buildings
  • Most investment options start with as little as $100,000
  • Use 401K or IRA funds to fund the investment







Local and Out of State Investment Property Portal

Identify higher performing options in over 20 different markets and gain access to the financial data and estimates with a few clicks.







Short Term / Vacation Rental Investments – San Diego CA USA or Los Cabos, BCS Mexico

Invest into short term vacation rental properties both right here in San Diego CA USA or in Los Cabos, BCS Mexico


Access to Investment Growth Strategies, the Financing and the Opportunities

Exponentially grow your portfolio with BRRRR (Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat) Investing strategies, using hard money lenders, rehabbing properties with upside potential, renting and stabilizing the property, then refinancing to pull out your original cash investment so you can do it again, both locally or in out of state markets







Trade Up or Cash Out Liquidation Strategies

Liquidate your properties within our platform, off market, to any of our investors standing buy who will buy homes in any condition, most times in less than 10 days, and convey your tenants. Simple, quick and provides you the opportunity to cash out and step up your investment to the next opportunity.