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¡Viva Mexico!

Vacation | Invest | Retire: Cabo San Lucas, BCS MX
Your San Diego Connection to Cabo San Lucas Home Ownership

From the very first time I visited Los Cabos, I fell in love with so many things about the area, but when I finally realized I had the opportunity to help others start living their dreams too, I jumped all in…

As a seasoned San Diego real estate professional, who has navigated through the process of becoming a Permanent Resident of Cabo, has purchased property myself, currently holds an active real estate license, and is part of one of the most acclaimed service oriented Real Estate Brokerages in Los Cabos, I can now help guide those of you looking to invest in a booming real estate economy and or create your pathway to early retirement in one of the most mesmerizing beachfront communities in the world, from start to finish, liquidating assets here in San Diego and working with you all the way until closing on your dream home in Los Cabos. There are always a million reasons holding you back from talking that first step, but why done we start with answering your most immediate questions…From there, getting to the dream gets easier and more simplistic.


Los Cabos is the ultimate international destination to live work & play and offers something for everyone. From adventure seekers, sport enthusiasts, to just soaking in the sun and relaxing on the golden sandy beaches, Los Cabos has awe inspiring views, crystal clear waters and amazing charm.
It is this magical landscape and unforgettable experiences that has continued to draw tourists form all over the world, and the beachfront lifestyle, slower pace of life and lower cost of living, that has captured so many hearts and inspired many to call Cabo their home.


Since Hurricane Odell, Cabo has experienced explosive growth in Luxury Resort Developments which in turn have attracted more Luxury Hotel Brands over the last couple years, such as: Four Seasons, Nobu, Ritz-Carlton, Garza Blanca Resort & Spa, Montage, Gran Vela, Solaz, Le Blanc Spa Resort , Grand Solmar, Hard Rock, and coming soon, Caesars Palace and La Valencia. All spending millions in advertising dollars to promote Los Cabos as an exclusive destination, which has attracted an increase in direct flights from all over the US and Canada, and even a brand new direct from London with the first flight in November 2019. The Los Cabos Tourism Board states that overall international arrivals have increased about 4-5% in 2019 and a 17% in International Private Jet arrivals.

With all the additional air travel Los Cabos is expecting about 60,000 more tourists as a result of all the new resorts opening, but even with the 1200 guest rooms added in 2018 and over 1500 to come online within the next three years, the demand for short term rentals for tourism and long term housing for the newly created employment of the region.

Friends, this is how the luxury Cabo real estate market booms. A tourist comes to visit Los Cabos and fall in love with the destination. The same person returns multiple times until he or she announces, “I want to buy something,” to spend longer amounts of time here. Some tourists fall in love with Cabo so much that they can envision it being their place to retire.

Cost of living in Los Cabos still remains lower than in the US, Canada or elsewhere in the first world, with property taxes at .1% and cost of homes are not cheap, but they are still a fraction of the cost of similar type housing and beach proximity location in comparison to areas like San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles.

And with this has attracted new home builders, developers, which provides opportunity for you, the investor, the second / destination homeowner, or the early bird retiree.


With near perfect weather year-round, slower pace of life, lower cost of living, lower house prices, and very small property taxes, many Americans and Canadians have left their respective countries and now call Cabo home. This unique blend of adventure, relaxed lifestyle, lower cost of living and investment opportunity has inspired and enabled people to get off the rat race, retire earlier, and start living the life they have been working so hard to achieve, just much earlier than they anticipated.

When are you going to start your next chapter?

Frequently Asked Misconceptions of Buying Property in Mexico:

1. Foreigners Can’t Buy Property within 30 miles of the beaches or 60 miles from the borders
This is technically true. In 1973, however, the fideicomiso was established and approved for the purchase of real estate located in the restricted zone. For the first time since 1917, a non-Mexican could invest in a recreation or retirement home and feel safe that his or her investment was secure. Under the bank trust, legal title is placed in the name of a Mexican bank, in trust, under a permit from the Secretary of Foreign Relations. The Mexican bank holds the title to the vacation or retirement home for the buyer/beneficiary of the trust, the non-Mexican who purchased the trust rights in the property. The bank administrates the property in accordance with the instructions of the buyer/beneficiary. The buyer/beneficiary enjoys the same rights of ownership as does a Mexican national. The trustee bank may not, without express written consent from the beneficiary, sell, transfer or encumber the property. The beneficiary may name the parties he or she selects as co-beneficiaries and may name substitute beneficiaries upon death of the primary beneficiaries, thus avoiding probate in Mexico. A permit to establish a Mexican bank trust (fideicomiso) can now be obtained for a term of fifty years and can be renewed. In acquiring a property with an existing trust, the seller may assign the rights in the existing trust and the new buyer will enjoy the term established in the original trust permit.

2: All Land Is on 99 Year Lease
This is by far the most asked question I come across. The short answer is…there is no longer the infamous “99 Year Lease”. In fact, there really never was. Land leases can only be established for less than 10 years. A land lease for more than 9 years and 11 months and 28 days is not legally binding. Under certain circumstances it may benefit you or your situation to employ a land lease and, it is possible and perfectly legal for the Mexican land owner to give you a new 9 year 11 month lease at the end of your first term and so on. Many times a land lease property is more economical due to the fact that you do not pay closing costs, attorney fees nor do you pay for the land, but it is not right for everyone, an certainly not the only way to acquire property in Mexico.

3: There is no lending in Mexico
There have been lending institutions that have come and left the Baja region, and while it is not as easy to get loans in Mexico it is still possible but here are the most likely scenarios. First and easiest way to purchase is Cash…best way to leverage your negotiating position and make it a clean deal. Seller financing is also very common, and options range from 7%-9%, with 35% to 60% down and 30-year loan with a balloon payment in 3, 5, 7, or 10 years. Again, all of these terms are completely negotiable. Private financing the individual has with a private lender in Mexico or their home country, and there are starting to be more lending options traditionally known to the US buyer. Again, these loan terms are not near as favorable as the lending terms in US, typically come along with very high interest rates, shorter amortization terms and a high down payment. However, these programs have been evolving and changing rapidly in the recent times making financing as its known in the US more attainable. The best thing to do is figure out your financing options before you start so there are no surprises and your budgets reflect your comfort levels that include the debt coverage.